Dating someone with rosacea

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  3. The Look of Love: Some Tips for Dating with Rosacea
  4. The Look of Love: Some Tips for Dating with Rosacea |

More than 13 million people in the United States have the condition, and it's estimated that most have experienced self-esteem problems because of it.

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But the truth is, almost everyone has insecurities when it comes to meeting other people. And although yours may stem from a more visible cause, those dating doubts can be overcome. Finding someone who cares about more than just your appearance is the goal. But it's still important to manage your rosacea and achieve the best complexion possible. Because it makes you feel better—both inside and out. According to a National Rosacea Society survey, 70 percent of people with rosacea said that their emotional well-being improved when their rosacea was effectively treated.

Most reported an improvement in their social lives, as well.

My Opinion About the Cause of Rosacea?

When you feel good, people enjoy being around you. To help control your symptoms, work closely with your doctor and always follow your treatment plan. To help avoid a rosacea flare-up, identify and avoid your triggers. Your date may not be aware that a dinner of spicy Mexican food or a day at the beach can cause havoc on your skin. Suggest an outing that helps you take care of yourself.

1. Take control of your symptoms.

Don't be afraid to use makeup to look and feel good. Cosmetics can help play up your best features as well as conceal visible blood vessels, flushing , and other rosacea symptoms.

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Just be sure to educate yourself. Your dermatologist can help you choose products that are safe for your skin. And a cosmetologist can teach you how to correctly apply the makeup for best results. Take a Rosacea Skin Test.

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Many people you meet probably don't know much about rosacea. As a result, you may get questions about it or even a few funny looks.

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    The Look of Love: Some Tips for Dating with Rosacea

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    6. 5 Tips for Dating With Rosacea |
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      The Look of Love: Some Tips for Dating with Rosacea |

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